Christmas Day – Orihuela Costa Style !

With a break from the normal posts on this website, we thought we would give you a little insight to what happens on one particular beach on the Orihuela Costa on Christmas Day.

What started off as a small group of people, now a tradition that gets global media coverage, every year thousands of expats of all different nationalities descend on La Zenia beach on the Orihuela Costa on Christmas Day.

With the clear blue sky, sun shining bright and temperatures which those in other countries can only dream of this time of year the beach turns red with hundreds of Father Christmas´s and their little helpers as well as some 4 legged friends but not of the reindeer variety. So now you know where Santa goes the day after the night before to chill out !

The atmosphere is one that you have to experience. With a brass band and the vino flowing, it is no wonder why those that are in attendance break into voice singing carols whilst the band plays. Aled Jones or Sarah Brightman they are not, with some voices a little croaky probably due to last nights exploits, but at least they look happier than those on the X-Factor.

Beach rules disappear for the day as bottles, barbecues and dogs all appear. To be honest the rules would be difficult to enforce due to the sheer numbers, but 99% respect the beach and clean up their litter and after their dogs so that those in the Orihuela Government waste management department don´t have to face the morning after the night before.

Finally it goes without saying, drink responsibly so you don´t spoil the day for yourself and others around you. Don´t drink and drive, as whilst the Police only keep a watching presence over the event at times, they will no doubt be aware of some people tempted to drive home. Parking in the area is free, so if you have had one to many, go back tomorrow and collect your car

Merry Christmas from everyone at Orihuela Costa Villas.